Neon Door Communications | About Us
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About Us

Writers, strategists, creative thinkers, collaborators!

Neon Door Communications is comprised of a creative group of diverse individuals who have come together with a shared vision of inclusivity and collaboration when it comes to social media, marketing, media and communications. Our goal is to empower our clients so that they are better able to navigate,understand, and succeed in their social media goals. None of us are rocket scientists, which means you can do this too.

What makes us different

Benefit from Neon Door’s BRIGHT IDEAS.

Our Bright Ideas are about ingenuity. We offer creative communications problem solving and interactive marketing outreach platforms that mobilize change. Our Ideas are good. They have integrity and artistry and they won’t fade.



Director of Strategic Planning

Fredy is a customer oriented social media marketing professional who believes working collaboratively is the best way to succeed, aka togit’er done. Fredy has the kind of quick wit and out-of-the-box thinking that canhelp turn small ideas into creative and successful social media marketing campaigns… but it can also get him into trouble from time to time, just ask his colleagues. He has a passion for writing and music and can be heard hosting a weekly radio program in Montreal. Originally from Calgary, he has made Montreal home since December 2007.



Managing Director

Johanna is one of the co-founders of NDC and is loving every minute of being the Managing Director. Her ability to break down a big project into action items has served her well in her capacity as Project Manager and makes everything seem possible! She hopes that her past experience as a teacher, a standup comic, a theatre director and a singer will all come in handy at NDC...or at the very least keep her colleagues entertained.



Public Relations Manager

Lana is a social media strategist with a background in media monitoring and journalism. She is a self-proclaimed bookworm and when she doesn't have a book in hand, her eyes are busy skimming her twitter feed. Lana's experience extends across the marketing disciplines, including project management, public relations and event planning. Diligent and approachable, Lana works hard to ensure our clients are happy with the services we provide.



Account Manager

Jean loves being a part of creative projects. That's probably why she’s been pursuing an acting career for over ten years. She also loves to write, and she gets to play with words daily as a writer/translator for a Montreal-based fashion magazine. She's eager to come up with exciting new ways to use social media, and she thinks the crew at NDC are some of the best outside-the-box thinkers there are!